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Bazaren – the event where you meet employers and exhibitors in education and business start-up.

Bazaren is a recurring exhibition which is organized by the Region of Stockholm in cooperation with the Swedish Public Employment Service in Stockholm and Gotland, the County Administrative Board of Stockholm and Nyföretagarcentrum (center for new business owners).

Time and place

February 22–23 from 10 AM to 5 PM.
Place: Stockholm Waterfront Congress Center
Address: Nils Ericsons plan 4, next to the Central Station in Stockholm.

Free admission!

Do you want to work, study, or start your own business?

At Bazaren, you will meet companies and organizations which offer jobs and which are actively recruiting employees during the time of the exhibition. Here you will have the opportunity to talk with student counselors and vocational guidance counselors to find a way forward, regardless of whether you want to take a chance at a job or find an educational program which is right for you. And if you are thinking about starting your own business, Bazaren is the right place for you.

You can prepare before you meet with employers by visiting the Swedish Public Employment Service’s web site. Among other things, you can take a test here in order to find out which professions are right for you and to get answers on what you are good at.

Read more on the Swedish Public Employment Service’s web site "Ladda upp" (in Swedish)

Find your way around Bazaren

In order for you to find what you are interested in, the exhibition is divided in five color-coded themes. On the map of Bazaren you can see how the exhibition is structured and which exhibitors will be on site.

Map of Bazaren (in Swedish)

Recruitment – red

Here you can meet employers from the province of Stockholm who are looking for personnel, for example in sales, tourist services, office services, transport, IT, technical services, logistics, education and care services. You may be offered permanent employment, a substitute position, a summer job or an internship.

Jobs in the north – blue

Northern Sweden has a great need of labor. Several big companies with a focus on sustainable base industry and a more rapid climate transition are located, or becoming established here. This means that all kinds of competence are needed to make society work already now, and for a long time to come.

At Bazaren you can encounter companies that are looking for personnel. Here you can also meet representatives for municipalities and for the Swedish Employment Service, who can inform you about how to apply for vacant positions and what it is like to live in northern Sweden.

Education – green

Here you can meet representatives from universities, colleges, vocational colleges, residential colleges for adult education and municipal adult education. You will have the possibility to find out what educational programs you can apply to and what the admissions criteria are. 

You can also meet representatives from schools with educational programs for those who already have had vocational education, a degree or a professional certification from another country. You will get the opportunity to study Swedish at the same time as you receive an introduction to how different professional sectors operate and what you need to know if you are starting your own business in Sweden.  

Advice on starting your own business – orange

If you are thinking about starting your own business, you get the chance to discuss your ideas with companies and organizations that work with counseling and support in this area.

Here you can also meet with Nyföretagarcentrum (the center for new business owners) which will guide you in starting and operating your own company. Among other things, they offer free and confidential personal counseling, educational programs and mentoring programs.

Counseling organizations – yellow

Are you unsure about your future choice of profession? Within this theme, you have the possibility of meeting student counselors and vocational guidance counselors who can give you support and advice. 

If you are new in Sweden, you have the possibility to meet with a number of volunteer organizations that are specialized in supporting you. If you do not feel ready for working life right now, you can find out about preparatory interventions and work training. Here you can also meet with state authorities and counseling organizations that can help you in navigating your way through Swedish society.

Validation of foreign educational certificates

Have you completed an educational program, received a grade or certification, or received a degree from another country? Here you can find out what can be done in Sweden to recognize this.

Careers within the EU

Are you interested in a career in the EU? Here you can get answers to questions about EU internships and job opportunities.  


Information will be published shortly.

Speakers' Corner

You are welcome to visit the Speakers' Corner at Bazaren. Here you can listen to mini-lectures by representatives of different exhibitors, with several interesting and inspirational themes.

Food and drink

On the fifth floor (the floor over the exhibition hall), there is a café for visitors. Here you can buy coffee and simpler meals.


The main entrance to the exhibition is wheelchair-accessible via an elevator. Handicapped toilets are available on all floors.

Do you need foreign or sign language interpretation during Bazaren?
Send an e-mail to bazaren.rlk@regionstockholm.se, no later than February 9, to book an interpreter and to get more information.

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