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Region Stockholm is closely involved in research relating to its core operations, primarily clinical research in the healthcare setting. However, work is also ongoing to develop and deepen collaboration in other areas, such as the transport sector.

Healthcare and public transport are continuously improving and developing. A strong driver in this process is the interaction with research. The research carried out within Region Stockholm creates benefits for residents, patients, relatives, travellers and visitors. The organisational and monetary investments made by Region Stockholm in research, development and innovation also create the right conditions for the Stockholm region to remain a leading, innovative and sustainable growth engine for the whole of Sweden.

Region Stockholm and research

Region Stockholm’s research interest is focused on collaborations with three universities: Karolinska Institutet (KI), the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Stockholm University (SU).

The collaboration between Region Stockholm and Karolinska Institutet is governed by the ALF agreement. This agreement outlines how Region Stockholm and Karolinska Institutet work together on clinical research and training physicians and other healthcare professionals, and to promote the development of health and medical care.

Life science

Region Stockholm has regional development responsibility for Stockholm County, where developing the life science sector is an important part of the growth in research and healthcare. There has therefore been a specific life science strategy at national level since 2019, and for the Stockholm region since 2021.

This strategy has five strategic development areas:

  •  World-leading access to structured health data and care process data.
  • Healthcare and care, available for research collaboration, innovation and business collaboration.
  • Precision medicine gives patients and residents access to high-resolution diagnostics, individualised prevention and treatment.
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration creates solutions to complex challenges.
  • Life science companies research, develop and grow in the Stockholm region.

Several foundations have been tasked with attracting businesses and institutions to this geographical area, for example the Stockholm Science City Foundation (SSCi) and the Flemingsberg Science Foundation with its medical technology development programme.

Stockholm Life Tech

Stockholm Life Tech is a project that aims to further develop research and innovation infrastructures, as well as making them more accessible to companies in the Stockholm region. Stockholm Life Tech is a three-year project that was launched in 2020 with funding from the European Regional Development Fund. The project owner is Region Stockholm, and the project parties are Akademiska Hus, the Flemingsberg Science Foundation, Karolinska Institutet, Karolinska Institutet Science Park, Karolinska University Hospital and Stockholm Science City.

The Center for Health Data

Research on data from healthcare can contribute to increased knowledge and development of prevention, diagnosis and treatment for our patients. Region Stockholm has extensive databases, and is often asked about using data for research purposes. The Center for Health Data makes data available for research in a legally secure and ethically correct manner.

A way in for researchers and caregivers

The Center for Health Data will make it easier for researchers to access health data. This will involve coordinating applications for data collection for research purposes from the region’s care providers and data sources. When disclosing health data, Region Stockholm has an obligation to ensure that the information does not risk reaching those who are not legally entitled to access the information. In order to obtain data for research, approval is therefore required from the Swedish Ethical Review Authority, as well as a research plan with clearly formulated research questions.

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