Public transport

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Public transport in Stockholm County should be easily accessible, reliable and environmentally friendly. Trafikförvaltningen (Public transport administration) is responsible for transport services. The number of travellers has been increasing each year.

More than 780 000 people travel by public transport in Stockholm County each day. The various means of transport – buses, metro, commuter trains, local rail services and boats – are coordinated within a constantly growing transport network.

AB Storstockholms Lokaltrafik, SL

SL, plans, develops, commissions and markets public transport within the county. Transport services are run by both private and public transport companies.

SL and the environment

SL carries out comprehensive environmental work, and is constantly seeking new, environmentally friendly solutions. SL has the world's largest fleet of ethanol-powered buses. Since 2004, there have also been buses that run on biogas, a renewable energy source.


Färdtjänsten is an important mobility service for people with disabilities. Journeys are made by taxi or using special vehicles.


Waxholms Ångfartygs AB (Waxholmsbolaget) is responsible for the county's public transport by boat. The Stockholm archipelago and the city's harbours are served by around 60 ferries, which are operated by private contractors. Over the course of 2020 Waxholmsbolaget carried around 1 200 000 passengers on the archipelago traffic.

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