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Region Stockholm is one of Europe's largest healthcare providers, offering everything from telephone advice about self-care to advanced specialist care at university hospitals.

About healthcare and COVID-19 in English


1177 provides information and guidance in relation to healthcare. A website provides information about medical problems and contact details for the county's many care providers. There is also a special version of the website for use with mobile phones. 1177 provides a telephone service, content online and a magazine that is delivered to every household in the county.

Providing care under the Region Stockholm's own management or privately

Most of the care is provided under the Region Stockholm’s own management. Around a third is dealt with by private care providers, such as family doctors, physiotherapists, maternity clinics and hospitals.

The quality and availability of this care is monitored using tools such as patient surveys. Work is also carried out whereby different care providers are compared with each other. The results are published online.

Vårdval Stockholm

Vårdval Stockholm gives the county's inhabitants the opportunity to choose care providers based on their own requirements, such as geographic location and opening hours. Payment is made to these care providers in accordance with the patients' choices.

Local medical centres and family doctors

Local medical centres and family doctors' offices are the entry points for healthcare. If patients require specialist care, the doctor refers them onwards. The local medical centres are part of the Region Stockholm's outpatient care service. This also includes some psychiatric and geriatric care.

Emergency hospitals

Emergency hospitals treat patients with serious emergency conditions. Local emergency clinics supplement the services offered by local medical centres and emergency hospitals.

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