Information About Region Stockholm’s Work in Relation to the War in Ukraine

This is where we have gathered information concerning Region Stockholm’s work in relation to the war in Ukraine.

Region Stockholm’s Work

The chair of the Regional Executive Committee has decided to provide aid to people in need in Ukraine. This follows on from a special request that was received by Region Stockholm, sent via the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The Ukrainian authority sees a great need for medical equipment, consumables and medicines.

Via Ukraine´s embassy in Sweden Region Stockholm has sent requested medical equipment that the emergency hospitals can spare. It included anaesthetic equipment, defibrillators, patient monitors, ECG equipment, wheelchairs, ultrasound equipment and ventilators. All emergency hospitals, as well as local healthcare providers, have contributed to the swift collection of the requested equipment.

Support and Contributions

Region Stockholm is collaborating with national authorities to coordinate Ukraine’s aid needs. There are special rules for how regions can provide international aid. If you, as a member of the public, want to contribute, you can contact aid organisations that provide active support to Ukraine. Region Stockholm is unable to receive materials from members of the public who want to help.

Refugees from Ukraine to Be Given Healthcare Like Asylum-Seekers

Ukrainian citizens who have left Ukraine following the Russian invasion can receive immediate protection in Sweden, and a temporary residence permit as per the exodus directive. People who are part of an exodus are covered by the same regulations as asylum-seekers when it comes to access to healthcare. They are offered vaccination against COVID-19 on the same terms as the other inhabitants of the county, and their medications are subsidised.


Region Stockholm subsidise medications and refers pharmacies to the routine for subsidising medications for those without permits. The person issuing the prescription must state that the patient is a refugee from Ukraine.

COVID-19 Vaccination

People who have fled the war in Ukraine can get vaccinated by vaccinators who are able to receive people who don’t have a Swedish personal identity number. Currently, this is possible at healthcare centres.

Ukrainian Passports Valid as Tickets in SL Traffic, Stockholm’s Public Transport

Region Stockholm’s Traffic Committee has decided that a Ukrainian passport is to be valid as a ticket on public transport. The decision takes effect immediately, and applies until other information is communicated. The decision is part of a solidarity measure, taken jointly by cities, regions and traffic companies around Europe. The purpose is to support the people who are now fleeing Ukraine, and to facilitate their journeys to protection from the Russian invasion.

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